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Lindsey Kaptur

Lindsy Kaptur at Hospitality Marketers International, Inc.

Lindsey (Hanis) Kaptur, President of LEK Hospitality, LLC is a member of the Hospitality Marketers International, Inc. (HMI) Hotel Service Network. As a member of the HMI Hotel Service Network, Lindsey has researched numerous markets for hotel developments throughout the United States, specializing in the Midwest area. With 11 years of experience researching hotel markets, Lindsey specializes in a full range of property types including economy, midscale, upper midscale and upscale, limited and full-service hotels, which are chain affiliated as well as independently branded. These hotel projects have ranged from a 30-room, mid-priced hotel in a small village to a large extended-stay property in a major metropolitan medical complex to an historic renovation of the last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright designed hotel.

Do you know where JELLO cups are made? Do you know where the eggs in your Egg McMuffin were made? How about the Stanton Island ferries? Do you know where they were built?

While the answers to these types of questions may not be the type of things a person would expect to learn when joining the hotel industry, they are the things that make the hotel industry successful. One of the most valuable lessons that Ms. Kaptur has learned in her hospitality research career is that the true offerings of a market can never be determined upon first glance. What may appear to be a very small town may actually be a large, national, economic asset. Market research commonly focuses on terms such as Occupancy, Average Daily Room Rate, and RevPAR, but it is the Demand Generators in the area that make all of these numbers possible. It is also these Demand Generators that make each market new and unique. The uniqueness of each project has provided Ms. Kaptur with a wide overview of the many facets of the hospitality industry. Lindsey specializes in the fields of Hotel Development, Market Feasibility Research, and Incremental Impact Studies. In addition to researching hotel markets, Ms. Kaptur has also analyzed market trends and conditions and has formulated projections for the future success of hotel properties.

Beyond the hotel industry, Ms. Kaptur is also an active member and employee of the Pabst Farms YMCA where you can find her running or teaching a classroom of young chefs in Kids in the Kitchen. Lindsey is also an active volunteer in her local school district. Lindsey earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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